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Feb 2, 2017

Goldie's has moved to 2223 Hamilton Rd Trenton, On K8V 5P8
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Picard's Product Differences

Jul 8, 2014

The difference in the TWO Picard's product lines is very noticeable


      1987                                                 2012

(since inception - the Original Picard's)                 (business was sold in June 2012)


25 years of processing quality confectionery, peanut and snack products cannot be replicated overnight.

Here at the original Picard's retail outlets - St.Jacobs, Talbotville, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Waterdown and Waterford we have been developing an outstanding product line that you have trusted, patronized and enjoyed for over 25 years.

The new owners of the Picard's stores in Windham Centre, Woodstock, Morriston, Fonthill and Cobourg are not carrying the Original Picard's products - they have copied our branding (on the left), tried to replicate our product recipes, used our product names, tried to substitute our premium selection of quality chocolate confections with a lesser quality chocolate and continued to copy our every effort......hoping that you wouldn't notice.

The good news is that you have noticed and we hear frequently about the obvious difference.


The Original Picard's staff


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Feb 17, 2014

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In response to…. “ To Address the Rumors” and “ So here’s the truth” by Dani Laidlaw

Dec 23, 2013


In response to......" To Address the Rumors"  and   "So here's the truth" by Dani Laidlaw

Thank you Dani for your posting, but we would like to offer a more complete explanation, one that eliminates the partial statements and half-truths from your letter.  There were discussions for family succession in 2011 into early 2012 with the active remaining family members in the family business,  John & Renee. After discussions, that included purchase payments which exceeded the working capital limits of Picard Peanuts Ltd.( PPL), reasonability had to prevail for obvious reasons. It was apparent that after building the combined business success, as the manufacturing supplier of all the products offered by PPL  for the last 25 years, little consideration was given to the working relationship of both PPL and Picard Foods Ltd (PFL -Waterford manufacturing, St.Jacobs, Talbotville, NOTL and Waterdown). For this reason, Picard Foods Ltd., was unable to proceed with the purchase of PPL without significantly and negatively impacting the future operational health of both of the family businesses, both PPL and PFL.

When Jim Jr., took a corporate buy-out for his interests in the existing family businesses in 2004, both Picard Peanuts and Picard Foods, he contractually agreed to two (2) covenants with both PPL and PFL. You stated one covenant that limited Jr., to a two year, non-compete clause. You might be more informed by understanding that the second covenant is much more prohibitive and is contractually agreed to with both PPL and Picard Foods Ltd. This covenant lawfully prohibits Jim Jr., from operating a business using the "Picard" brand name, prohibits the usage of any Picard branding logo designs (owned by Picard Foods) in business operations and prohibits Jim Jr., from processing and packaging peanut products of any description.  This covenant has no time limitation.

 Secondly, you state that Picard Peanuts Ltd., is not using the proprietary marks and logos of Picard Foods, but are claiming ownership of branding works paid for by Picard Foods. In the simplest of terms, just using your neighbour's property does not give you the right to claim ownership of it. Growing up on a farm, you should know that!

I believe your employer, has a significant legal issue to deal with here in 2014.

Since 1989, all corporate logo designs, in use, have been the exclusive property of Picard Foods Ltd., all corporate packaging, all retail design, all in-store signage, all exterior signage and all product development has been done exclusively by Picard Foods, at the expense of Picard Foods only, but to the benefit of both companies. We asked for nothing in return as this is a family business.  All product formulation, revision, development and commercial production were completed by Picard Foods, in our Waterford facility. PPL, shelled the crop of peanuts produced by Picard Foods  and prepared  inshell roasted peanuts for the combined businesses. That's all of it for processing experience and supply in the last 25 years.

We found out in September 2012, that PPL had been quietly sold to Jim jr., back in June of 2012, without counselling or succession discussion. Your wording "stepped  up and agreed to take over the business on essentially the same terms" is a falsehood, and I would encourage you to expand on such a ridiculous statement. Privately would be best.

In addressing your statement that PPL is "continuing to manufacture"  "the same original specialty products" in "our new manufacturing facilities (as of July 2013) "is far from the TRUTH" . PPL is now processing peanut products and some confectionery items for the first time and passing them off as "original products", in packaging that copies the design work of Picard Foods.  It is impossible to replicate 25 years of production experience with cheaper processing oils (canola), lack of exacting recipes, little understanding of techniques and little experience with sugar, chocolate and confectionery ingredients. Most of the products you claim to do not! This includes most of your panned chocolate items, caramel corns as well as the boxed chocolate selections you offer, which are made by other confectionery manufacturers and not by PPL.  Shame on you Dani, that's not the truth.


The original Production staff of Picard's

Merry Christmas and have a safe Holiday season.


Holiday Orders

Dec 19, 2013

Unfortunately, we are now at the point where we cannot guarantee that online orders will make it to their destinations by Christmas.  If you have any questions, please contact our Waterdown store at 905-690-1888. 

We hope everone has a safe and Happy Holiday!


Nov 12, 2013


Our great products are only available in St.Jacobs, Talbotville, Waterdown, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Waterford


The new owners of the retail locations in Windham Centre, Morriston, Fonthill and Woodstock are not carrying our "Original Picard products"

While they are copying our packaging and our product listing; all the while pretending to offer our great quality products and our wide selection of unique  confectionery items - THEY ARE NOT.

We hear daily about the dissatisfaction and noticeable difference of products from Windham Centre, Morriston, Fonthill and Woodstock.

Rest assured when you visit St.Jacobs, Talbotville, Waterdown, NOTL or Waterford - you are where you want to be  - with the ORIGINAL PICARD'S PRODUCTS"

With the seasonal gift buying season fast approaching - we want you to know what's really in that gift basket or box.


The Original production staff of Picard's

Yes, we are the CFIA inspected food processing facility for Picard's

(In June 2012, the retail locations in Windham Centre, Morriston , Fonthill and Woodstock were sold)

Just to be sure, we don't sell pez or pressed sugar necklace candies and other oddities which you find at your local bulk food store



Store Updates

Oct 18, 2013

PICARD FOODS, in Waterford, has been processing all of our great products since 1992


In September 2012, all that changed was the retail locations in Windham Centre, Morriston , Fonthill and Woodstock were sold.

For the ONLY selection of all of our Unique Specialty Peanut, Nut and Confectionery Products we NOW have to direct you to....

PICARD'S ORIGINAL COUNTRY  STORES - ST.JACOBS, TALBOTVILLE,WATERDOWN AND NOTL, of course WATERFORD is now open for retail sales and we're looking forward to expanding to the City of VAUGHAN in 2014.



Oct 18, 2013


This is the season for some of our Jumbo Bavarian Beernuts, one of the many great products we make here at Picard's.  Fresh Kettle Chips are now available in two sizes all made with new crop 2013 potatoes.  Second load is in and has been chipped.  By next week, we hope to have done our next run of our "Beer-Bathed Taters".  These are really washed in beer and then cooked, we don't sugar coat them and tell you they taste like beer. There's a difference, a malted crispiness and then lightly salted.

Our chocolate coated products are selling well, the fresh nuts and dried fruits, coated in our own unique milk and dark chocolates are noticeably better than what those other guys are passing off as Picard's.

Look for the logo with the Maple Leaf - it's a sign of the Original Picard Brand and signifies that quality is sold here.


YOU’RE RIGHT! Picard’s is changing…just not our stores

May 30, 2013

YOU'RE RIGHT! Picard's is changing...just not our stores


As we move through the separation of both businesses, the Original Picard's style retail stores noted above will remain UNCHANGED!!! In fact we've added new flavours to our "Crispy Potato Chip covered peanuts". Although we pioneered the formula, in our naivety, we left the old trade name to Picard Peanuts keeping. You'll notice that this product has not changed as we continue to use the original formula, same quality and same great flavours. We are now calling them "Crispy Potato Chip covered Peanuts" which is exactly what they are.  Thank you for your support and judging by the continued sales strength, it's the product and not the name that matters.

Our chocolate and confectionery products are still manufactured in the Waterford plant - all of them. We are not stocking imported candies or passing off third party chocolate items as something unique to us. You'll know the real Picard's chocolate when you taste it- just ask the 5000 chocolate bunnies we molded this past Easter.

We are currently, manufacturing our premium flavours of ice-cream, with unique flavours and confectionery twists. Our "Pralines & Cream" is the absolute best....mostly because we make the pecan pralines and buttertoffee ourselves - how's that for freshness and goodness.

We now have six flavours of our newest "EXTREME KETTLE CHIPS" in both 220g and 50g snack packs. Packed with real potato flavour and seasoned to perfection. Please enjoy. They're selling very well.




New crop peanuts (2012) are now in stock!

Dec 12, 2012

The 2012 peanut crop is now available at the retail stores. St.Jacobs, Waterdown, Talbotville and Niagara-on-the-Lake, only.  We were finally able to get the crop shelled and we are processing now.  Tasting great, please enjoy!!



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